Walk for Peace 2021

This event is funded by Involving Medway, an initiative run by Medway Clinical Commissioning Group, designed to encourage people to get involved with and help make decisions about health provision in the area. It aims to help residents lead healthier, happier lives through improved participation in community groups and activities.

5 September 2021

That’s it! All done. All over for 2021. Thanks everyone for the support and the effort to make this a special day. Fortunately, the rain didn’t materialise and we were able to walk comfortably from the Naval Memorial to the hospital, Gurdwara and the church where there was a great finishing programme.

3 September 2021

Okay. We are almost there. The weather seems to be turning nice this afternoon so let’s hope it carries over to tomorrow. Last minute rushing round picking things up, chasing people for things they promised months ago etc, etc! Anyone who has ever managed an event will know the feeling. But, it’ll be alright on the day, as they say.

Hang on, I’ve just checked the weather for tomorrow and it says light rain. Great. Summer has finally arrived. Well, it never left this season, did it? Oh well, if you don’t fancy walking in the rain, please go to St Mark’s Church just off Gillingham High Street at the corner with Canterbury Street, at around 16:00. I genuinely hope to see you there.

29 August 2021

Below is a hyperlink to an edited and abbreviated discussion that a couple of us at MIFA had with Russ at Radio Sunlight last week on his ‘Chatterday Show’. We were talking about the Walk for Peace and MIFA. You may find it interesting.

Link: https://bit.ly/3DqnhTH

25 August 2021

The latest route map and information for the event is shown below. The final Zoom meetings are being held with the excellent programme. A couple of us talked about the walk (together with other things) on Radio Sunlight last week – I hope you were able to listen! Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water, preferably using a reusable bottle to help the environment.

23 August 2021

Good news! A guide from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission will attend the Walk at the Naval Memorial in the Great Lines Heritage Park in Gillingham and provide a short talk on the history of the Memorial. Please tell your family and friends to come along and start organising some warm weather!

17 August 2021

Please see below link to a summary of the event programme which has just been agreed.

10 August 2021

We are working hard to provide everyone with a great time on Saturday and things are falling into place. Of course, there’s still a lot to do, but we’re getting there.

Unfortunately, the Dean of Rochester Cathedral won’t be able to attend, but the Mayor, Cllr Jan Aldous, will be there! I just need to complete a questionnaire containing the key details. I need to do a lot of other things as well, but there isn’t sufficient space here to list them all! I will be able to include the full programme soon.

I can only urge you to put this date into your calendar and set an audible notification so that you don’t forget!

28 July 2021

All the entertainers have now been confirmed and the timing of the event is firming up nicely. I have now formerly asked the Medway Mayor to attend and I am hopeful of success. We have also made arrangements for some light refreshments to be available at St Mark’s Church.

We now need to focus on publicising the event and with that in mind, we have produced the the poster below:

14 July 2021

Good news! We have now agreed the entertainers who will perform at St Mark’s Church.

There will be a Bulgarian Folk Dancing Group Kitka, which is a Bulgarian-inspired band of folk dancers who have performed at the event before.

The Music Man Band which is the UK’s first full-time music education service for people with learning disabilities.

Two dancers from Dancenbeats who are Bollywood/Bhangra Dancers in traditional outfits to provide some exotic energy.

Covenant Voice who is a member of a group of Gospel singers and will provide a rousing closure for the event.

Keep watching for more news on the event.

24 June 2021

Work progresses in planning the Walk and various contacts have been made to finalise the launch at the Naval Memorial, and guest speakers and entertainers have been contacted to finish the walk at St Mark’s Church with style and fun.

It is likely that we will meet at the Naval Memorial at around 10:15 and arrive at the Church about 17:00 and finish up at 19:00. However, these times are tentative at the moment and subject to change as planning progresses.

17 June 2021

We are finally preparing a Walk for Peace event this year on 4 September 2021. Later than previous events, and walking a different route in Gillingham.

We shall be meeting at the Chatham Naval Memorial in the Great Lines, then walking to the Hospital to thank the staff there for their hard work during this dreadful pandemic. We will then walk to the local Sikh Gurdwara in Byron Road before finishing at St Mark’s Church in Gillingham. Here we plan to have several music and dancing acts together with some light refreshments and some words of support from local councillors.

Keep watching this space as more details are finalised!

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